Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Throwing a wedding shower with boys

I was up all night thinking of everything I have to do for school and for work before I leave on Friday, when I got the idea to start a blog. I've always liked writing, and thought it would be a good way to voice whatever is going on in my life, process it, and move on..instead of going over and over it in my head. Some days the blog will be funny and silly, others it may be a more serious topic, and others it may just be observations throughout my day that I find interesting enough to share. Today is going to be more of a serious one though, to hopefully be able to get stuff off my mind and on to more important things like school and work and then a great weekend in Charleston with Boo! I've always loved to write, so we'll see how this works out...this may be my first and last blog. :-)

I was watching an interview with Taylor Swift on Dateline (yup, she's 19 and I am 31 and I am a fan..I think the girl is INSANELY talented) and she said if she meets you, you can pretty much bet you'll be in a song she writes at some point.  The people in my life that I write about shall remain nameless (for the most part), but I think writing about day to day interactions with people will be interesting and helpful, and for the most part funny.

So one of my best guy friends asked me to be a bridesmaid in his wedding a couple months ago.  According to tradition, the people in the wedding and/or close friends always throw the happy couple a shower . I was the only girl with 7 other guys throwing the shower, and lets just say I'll never do that again. I had no idea just how "clueless" guys really are. They wanted a "keg and grill out some hotdogs", send out an evite,  and call it a party. Not to sound like kelly Bennsimone on the Real Housewives, but if my name is on the invite as hosting, thats not my idea of a party. So along with finals, drastic changes in work, and a very hectic travel schedule, I took on the entire party by myself, and the boys became the "financial backers" (I still had to pay my 1/8th..they were just silent partners). It ended up being a great party, but I worked my tail off trying to make sure everyone had what they needed (several of the hosts left early to go to a bar...always nice for the ones left behind to clean up), and was drinking some Mich Ultra as I was running around. Needless to say it was much like a wedding-I never got a chance to sit down and eat, and was bed ridden until almost 6pm the next day with a hangover. It was a great  party- we had it catered with lots of great music, good friends, good times, and good drinks...but I'll never throw another party with just boys again!!

Side note: when I was at the liquor store on friday to pick up the alcohol, a lady got out of a taxi at NOON, came in, got a 40oz, paid for it, and got back in the taxi and drove that responsible drinking or just plain sad???

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