Friday, June 12, 2009

Post Break Up "Stuff" Exchange

This post makes me laugh. Hard. When people get involved in a relationship, over time one person leaves stuff at the others house, and vice versa. Even long distance. So when PC was at my house one visit, I let him borrow quite a few things, including some pretty nice ipod speakers. THEY WERE NOT A GIFT. I let him borrow them on the premise I would obviously see him again and get them back at some point. Now, a gifts a gift, and I don't think you should ever give someone something as a gift that you think you'd ever ask for back...thats tacky. I gave him MANY things over the course of our relationship, and spent an insane amount of money on him while we were together....and he is more than welcome to keep every present I gave him. One example of his selfishness makes me laugh is a grocery store visit. I wanted to help him out by buying him some groceries and healthy food-because all he ate was crap. We went through and filled his cart to the top, and got to the 'protein powder' section. He asked if he could get it, and I scrunched up my face and said "You dont even really work out, and isn't it super expensive?" it was the gallon size of the powder, and it was over like $50. Up until that point I had wanted to buy him groceries, as I hated to see him struggling. When I basically said 'No" to the protein powder (I thought my answer was easily understood as "no, you dont need that, its pricey and we already have a full basket here"), and then saw him put it in the cart, I felt like he was taking advantage of my offer to buy him groceries. He bought the expensive razor blades, huge jars of almonds...all the pricey goods in a grocery. Needless to say, the bill was close to $400...this coming the day AFTER I spent over $600 on taking him to a place to make dinners for him to freeze for the next 3 months. I did all that because I wanted to, he didn't ask for anything, but the protein powder really irked me after I said no to it, and it still bothers me...and if you read my previous post it was a "red flag" that he is a user. If someone offered to buy me groceries, I would get the staples I needed...not random crap that was expensive that I didn't. But, lesson learned and I digress.

So, three months later, the relationship is over, and he has my ipod speakers and several other things. I POLITELY ask for them to be mailed back. I get nothing. I ask again, again, nothing. I have spent more money on this kid in 3 months than he has made in the last 5 years...and he cant get his lazy butt off the couch and bring my stuff to the post office to mail it back to me? I offered to pay for the postage. Nothing. Put another point in the "totally selfish" category for him on this one. I said fine, if you cant get to a post office (even though there is one within walking distance), put my stuff in a box, put in on your front porch, let me know when it is there and I'll have a friend pick it up and mail it to me. Now, this was just an option to show him how completely childish he was being by not mailing my things. He would rather have someone go out of their way to his apartment, go to the post office and mail the box, than just doing it himself is PATHETIC. We may have ended on bad terms, but I did more than enough for him to be able to get his ass to a post office and mail it. Its not like  he is going to see me at the post office, or we have to talk in order for him to get it to me. Of course, he chose option C. Give the stuff to his roommate, have his roommate meet my friend (who he hasnt met before and doesn't know), and have my friend mail it to me. ARE YOU EVEN SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? The immaturity in that baffles me. This guy has zero interest in anyone but himself, zero integrity, zero character and lives in his own bubble where he is perfect and everything is everyone else's fault. The post break-up stuff exchange sucks, but everyone has to do it, and he even gets off easy by being able to mail it, and not having to do it in person. Yet he STILL is trying to go through a channel of distribution to get it to me? PATHETIC. He got caught in many lies, and he convinced everyone he is something he isn't, including me. I think he missed his calling...he could have won an Oscar, because I haven't seen better acting since Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men", ironically enough...something is certainly isn't.

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