Thursday, June 4, 2009

Men and wedding rings

I have a HUGE issue with men that don't wear a wedding ring. If you commit to someone for the rest of your life, you'd think you can commit to wearing a band around your finger. Its a sign of respect for your wife, it signals all other women you are taken, and its just nice to see it when you know the guy is married. Guys who use the excuse "I don't like jewelry" flat out piss me off, because if you cant get past putting a small band around your ring finger, than you certainly cant commit to a woman for the rest of your life. There is nothing that irritates me more, and will set me off faster than a guy hitting on me, no ring, and then I ask (because it happens where the men are married I have learned to ask, ring or not) if he is married and he says SOME variation of "yes". It could be "kinda", "we're working things out", "we are, but its not what you think"...bottom line is the answer is YES, PERIOD. There is nothing that can follow the "yes" in that answer that will justify the flirting, or hitting on at that point...other than a guy trying to cheat or if he's not, just reassure himself "he's still got it".  Its not totally a one way street, girls cheat too, but they usually just keep their ring on, and don't even bother hiding it. I was at a beer fest not too long ago and a girl had a T shirt on that said "50% single", and she had a ring on, and she was hitting on someone half her age. Total cougar, and we all laughed at it, but it is much more married men hitting on the single girls. GUYS: if you aren't ready to wear the ring, you aren't ready to get married. End of story. 

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