Sunday, June 28, 2009

They DO have post offices in Arlington!

So, as I procrastinate studying for my finance midterm, I thought I'd close out the end of the saga (and I do mean SAGA) with letting everyone know, rest assured, Post Offices, Fedex Kinkos, UPS stores, DO exist in the zip clode 22206, believe it or not. I returned home from my trip to Orlando to have a box on my front step with the things I have been asking for back now for over a month on my door step...and the address label was even written in "PC"'s handwriting, which means he actually MUST have gotten his butt up off the couch, turned the X-BOX off, and found his way to the nearest place that sends packages (which happened to be across the street from his place, as I saw it there when I was visiting), and mailed it ALL ON HIS OWN. So, that chapter of my life has officially come to a close, as there is no reason we'd ever have contact again.

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