Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tennis players aren't the only athletes that want to look cute!

Last spring I was strolling through my neighborhood Target, when I saw a super cute running SKIRT with a matching tank on the end of an aisle. I have always run in Under Armour pants (even in the ridiculous Atlanta heat), mainly because I hate having to constantly pull my shorts down as I run (and they slowly creep up) or chaff my legs. I tried some one, and was very surprised to see they were not only cute, but they were comfortable, too! I bought one outfit that I figured I could walk my dog in, but I still wasn't sold on the idea of "running" in them. It was a short skirt, with spandexy shorts underneath. It was NOT a skort...from the back it still looked like a skirt (to any guys that may be reading, which is doubtful on this topic...a "skort" looks like a skirt from the front, and shorts from the back. This looked like a skirt from all angles.
I also tend to only wear a sports bra or a small tank top when I run, because I chaff very badly under my arms in a shirt. One thing I loved about these skirts was the fact that each one had a matching tank top that was adorable. After wearing the outfit several times to walk the dog and run errands, I decided to test it out for a run. I LOVED it! The skirt stayed exactly where it was supposed to, the tank top didn't chaff my skin at all, and I got several  compliments on my run about my "very cute outfit". Every time I went GirlGetStrong 001back to Target, they had a new  color and a new design, and I loved them so much I usually ended up buying a new outfit each time.
I was running quite a bit this summer, but if I wasn't in "work" clothes, I was almost always in one of my  "running skirt" outfits. I ran errands in them, went shopping and to school in them, and of course, I  worked out in them.  It was a cute work out outfit that beat the Atlanta heat, still looked "girly" and best  of all, was comfortable.
GirlGetStrong 003I had gotten so used to running in them that I decided to run the Chicago Half Marathon in it, along  with my favorite running sports bra/tank from Gracies Gear ( I got  a ton of compliments on it as we lined up for the race, and really liked the pictures that came out  afterwards. There are several brands of "running skirts" out there, and most of them are fairly  expensive. All of mine have been washed several dozen times, and still look AND FIT like they did the  first day I got them-and at the Target price, they were definitely affordable! Each skirt was less than  $20 at full price, and if I happened to come in the store when they were changing out colors (which  was just about weekly), they were marked down to $14.99.
GirlGetStrong 004GirlGetStrong 009Once I knew I liked them, they were comfortable,  and they would hold up for a long  run, I just made  sure they were the Champion brand that Target sells, and they had  a cute matching tank top.  Now  that the weather is turning colder, it's back to my  Under Armour pants-but I look forward to the  Spring when I'll be able to get out  my cute running outfits again! Tennis players aren't the only female  athletes  allowed to wear cute clothes!
GirlGetStrong 005GirlGetStrong 006


Megan said...

I LOVE my running skirt!! It's so comfy. I am excited to boost my wardrobe soon with more.

Runblondie26 said...

Are those Vibram 5 Fingers you're running in? How do you like them compared to regular shoes?